Film/Digital Portrait Photographer


Loner, wanderer, minimalist, analytical, observer..... Just a few words I'd choose to describe myself.

Started out shooting digital and went through the gamut of gear and lighting only to feel like I was just missing the point.  Eventually my mom passed down all of my grandfathers old film cameras to me.  I was hooked.  I shot a couple of test rolls, they sucked. Sucked real bad, and that is what drew me in.  I couldn't handle not knowing what I was doing wrong.  In the digital world you shoot, look at the back of your camera, and adjust.  

I had to get away from that mentality, and that is why I still shoot film exclusively today.  There is something fun about having to figure out what films work with what developers, and knowing that you got the shot without having the crutch of looking at the back of your camera for reassurance. After two years of shooting film I now feel comfortable that I am going to get consistent rolls back to work with.

Going forward I hope I can continue to meet and work with interesting people.  I have no business being able to shoot the models I have so far, but I'm not going to complain or question why it has happened.  All I can do is load another roll of film and keep trying to figure it all out.

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